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Household Soap Zero Waste Utility Set

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Savon De Marseille Household collection  - all you need to get you going on your zero waste journey in your kitchen ! 

This set is designed to start you off on your zero waste plastic free journey in the kitchen - wash your clothes, clean your floors and scrub your dishes all plastic free.

This amazing deal is all you need to reduce a lot of plastic bottles from your kitchen sink and laundry environment - lots of videos on our site for this set - the one below is just for the washing up soap

To learn more about the history of Fer à Cheval read our blog


Plus it makes a fantastic gift to give friends and family who just started out on their plastic free lifestyles

Also please see our page on the many uses of the Savon de Marseille soaps and Soap Flakes 

Within this "Household" box you will get : 

1x 450g Soap Savon de Marseille Soap Flakes ( for Laundry )

1x 300g Savon Detachant Stain Remover ( remove stains from clothes )

1x Large Safix scrub pad ( washing dishes, pots , pans )

1x 300g Fer a Cheval Olive Oil cube (cube for hand and dish wash or grating  )

1 x soap dish ( for storing your cube or stain remover )

1 x Washing up dish soap

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Watch our Video to see how you will experience delivery, packaging and how to use soap flakes !


Soap flakes washing guide included with every order 

 Ingredients :

See separate items for full ingredients