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Safix coconut scrub pad Large

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Safix coconut scrubbing pad, our solution for washing up dishes, pots and pans with the aid of our Savon de Marseille tranche slice / soap in a rope and cube soaps.

  1. fully biodegradable 
  2. fully compostable
  3. Stays fresh for months
  4. Use less soap but produces more suds
  5. it will remove the most baked in grease effortlessly 
  6. will not scratch non stick pans or delicate china
  7. Non toxic
  8. Odourless
  9. No bacteria
  10. No germs
  11. safe for hands
  12. Rinse clean with water
  13. Non absorbing 
  14. Just Air Dry
  15. Dispose of in yard or garden 

Size Large 15 x 10cm twice the size of the small scrub pad