DIY 4 Eco Friendly Products to clean your home

Once I discovered this link, I am about to share here and watched the video it really jumped off the page to us in terms of what we are all about.

Helping people discover not only great soaps, but innovative and little known ways of supporting your plastic free and zero waste journey.

This blog is inspired by the team at Brut. Nature. and full credit needs to go to them and also their facebook page - you can get the links from when you see the video - we cannot recommend it enough . 

The link goes to our Facebook Page - if you have not been before please like and share to help us spread more tips to more people !.....however please do watch this amazing video......

The highlights are as follows : 

1.White Vinegar

2. Black Soap

3. Bicarbonate of Soda

4. Savon de Marseille.

You can also enjoy a nice French accent, but dont worry its all translated easily on the screen from French into English !

The Marseille soap has been around for over 600 years, and here we are today in July 2019 still promoting its virtues - and its helping us now on our zero waste journey, having once been discarded as irrelevant and replaced by tons of plastic bottles..........its amazing properties have never left us......and this amazing soap has survived huge amounts of change across the world .........

But the soap has not changed, its the same as always and doing the grand job its always done.....

So what can you do with the Marseille soap ? as per the video we hope you have now watched, you can wash yourself, your hands, your body, your clothes, carpets, laundry , stain removal ect - it can even act as an air freshner !

So many uses from one chunk of soap ! ....600 years and it cannot be wrong - standing the test of time it is still here today to help rid us of the plastic scourge...............

Have you tried it ? give us your feedback, what use did you put it to ? share , like and comment  !

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