Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page for all matters Chateau du Savon, we update this page from time to time so please look out for new information

What is your environmental ethos ?

We are an Eco-business focused on environmental sustainability through our whole supply chain, on that basis we don't sell hard plastics that do not recycle. 

What packaging can I expect to receive ?:

We do not use any plastic / bubble wrap / non recyclable material, all material will be able to be placed in your kerb side collection boxes.

What Packaging material do you use ?

Packaging will be cardboard, tissue paper, void fill, corrugated paper, paper tape, paper address labels etc, all items can be recycled and nothing will be wasted.

What is your packaging supply chain like ?

We do all we can to ensure our suppliers only ship in cardboard and recycled materials, and this is the case in 99% of cases. Any plastic cello wrap we do experience is recycled into eco-bricks and so forth for example.

What shipping Options do you have ?

You can choose Royal Mail - for free over the limit, or 1st class Royal Mail post.

Or you can choose premium option from UPS, this is an excellent service where you will receive the tracking information on your package.

Can I use a drop box like UPS Access points for delivery ?

If you chose UPS you can select from 40,000 access points where your item can be delivered to any drop off point of your choice - then you can collect it when your ready - perfect if you might be out or you want to maintain a surprise !

 What Gift Wrap options do you have ?

 We offer individual boxes for soaps - one per soap - we also have a very lovely gift set box for 6 soaps. Our standard packaging when you order a gift set item is in our trademark white hand stamped boxes wrapped in premium kraft paper....however when bigger heavy items are combined on orders that do not fit in our white postal boxes we may use bigger brown boxes.

If you have any special requirements please email us immediately after ordering, as some of our customers do know, we might start packing it as soon as it comes through !

When will you send my order ?

We do our best to dispatch all Royal Mail items Monday to Friday the next day, if your order lands early morning you might catch us before Royal Mail collects.

Similar for UPS - we have daily collections, so it just depends if it catches the cut off, however UPS will provide tracking and it will be within a few days.