Lamazuna Solid Deodorant - how did I get on ?

Our own personal commitment to removing plastics and environmentally damaging products from personal use had to extend to deodorants it replaces products that are in my opinion even worse than shower gels for our blue planer :

  • Spray cans
  • You cannot recycle
  • Plastic and metal single use
  • Landfill bound objects or even worse the sea
  • Roll on's are no better - single use plastic
  • Average use of 10 cans per person per year
  • 80% of people buy a canned aerosol in their weekly shop.

People are definitely making the move to avoid shower gel and liquid shampoo, the solid era of natural products is marching on.

The next big step we can all make is the solid deodorant, which we will discuss here on this blog.

We have been trialing the Lamazuna range, I have always said you cannot sell something you would not be prepared to use yourself of course like all our products we do use them ourselves.

How does it work ?

The little conical solid looks small and innocent however it has real properties that can make a big difference.

Personally I have wanted to switch for some time as for some unknown reason the spray deodorants have started to cause me great red patches and itching under my arm pits .

All you need to do is just wet the little cone, actually at first I found I needed to wet it more than I expected, however it soon came alive, then I rubbed it gently on my armpits.

Quite an odd sensation at first ( like solid shampoo ) , having used cans for 40 years........

However the little cone soon starts to create a smooth layer on your arm pit and it drys out very quickly, awaiting the Palmarosa essential oil to do its work.....

Palmarosa essential oil the key ingredient here nibbles away at any odours and keeps your pits fresh !

Its a pleasant fresh fragrance and after early morning application followed by brisk dog walking I found it worked absolutely fine.............



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