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Essential Eco Cosmetics Travel Guide from Long Haul Flights to Camping

What a joy it is that we can travel and keep our plastic free lifestyle going at the same time - no compromises - in fact its super helpful !

It can be tricky if you regularly visit hotels for work or leisure and try to keep your waste footprint down - like you do at home.

And when you have grown to love your favourite soaps you want to be able to take them with you.

So to that end we wanted to highlight some ideas and inspiration from our ranges to help people when your on holiday or travelling away for work .

In particular this guide is super useful if you just want to take hand luggage onto a plane and avoid costly hold luggage, and you get to keep all your skin care essentials with you, very good for long haul flights - be the envy of your friends with these super travel tips !


So lets break down our recommendations, from long haul flights to camping out we have got you covered.............

  • Travel cases, we have a range of cases made from liquid wood - fully bio degradable to store your soaps & toothbrushes & any solid cosmetics





  • Travel Soap, should you want to take just a small bar with you then why not pick one of our travel soaps ?



  • Stain removal soap - yes this one is essential for holidays ! Save your new clothes and wash them in the sink to get those stains out great for hotels and camping scenarios ! 



  • Travel Shampoo, liquid and plastic free, ideal for flight, take a few shampoo kubes with you, pop them in your wash bag, very small and compact, can go in hand luggage

View our solid shampoo collection here


  • Travel Deodorant, solid form, hand luggage approved, very portable, plastic free & zero waste, easy to use on board planes and during all forms of travel





  • Travel Make up Remover, shaving bar, travel skin care, body butter, all in small solid travel form, hand luggage approved - perfect for flying or general travel , very small and compact



  • Travel Perfume, yes even your perfume can go in your hand bag or man bag , easy and portable, idea for flying, easy to apply perfect for hand luggage



  • Travel face masks, exfoliator, skin care - take a travel face mask with you or exfoliator ! - why give up on luxury just because you’re travelling ? take some of your skin care premium treats with you




In summary, we can cater for a huge amount of your travel needs and I hope we have given you some ideas and inspiration as to how to maintain the plastic free lifestyle whilst your travelling no matter if its flying or camping out we have got your covered !

We have certainly found having your personal essentials with you in hand luggage particularly can be a real bonus when flying...............

Happy travels.............


Andy & team