toothbrush and liquid wood travel case combo
toothbrush and liquid wood travel case combo

Tooth Brush Travel Case & Beechwood Toothbrush Set - 100% Biodegradable

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This toothbrush case is made from liquid wood and comes with one of our beechwood toothbrushes (100% plant based - no plastic) - the perfect plastic free travel pack - Save £1 on normal price

This technology is new and amazing, and we are very proud to be stocking them here in Somerset UK.

They are made from a new technology - Liquid Wood - 100% organic bio plastic material made of wood.

It shifts shape and solidifies like a plastic material, high precision manufacturing techniques with a flexible and durable new material.

It is 100% recyclable, tactile and with the aesthetic of wood in a single new material.

How are these made ?

Liquid wood is made from leftover parts of trees that is unused in the paper making process, a side effect from the production of paper, the main compound is combined with natural resins, flax and fibres that can be injected from a liquid form into a mound that solidifies !

These do not contain any plastic at all - fabulous !


Size 19cm by 2 cm  by 2 cm   ( fits our brushes )

 Manufactured by Croll & Denecke Germany