Soap & Toothbrush mobile washing kit
zero waste travel set french soap
zero waste plastic free travel set french soap

Soap & Toothbrush mobile washing kit

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This promo deal kit helps anyone on their travels with a kit that is natural, biodegradable and plastic free to help !

When your out and about it can be a challenge to stay plastic free, this ideal kit helps, with going to the gym, staying away in hotels, on business, on flights or camping !

This also makes an ideal gift set.

What you get : 

  • Savon de Marseille Natural Olive Oil Soap 125g

  • Liquid Wood Soap Dish Travel Case

  • Beechwood Toothbrush 100% plant based & sustainable

  • Liquid Wood Toothbrush Travel Case

RRP in singles is £13.46, promotional price is as shown.


What is liquid wood ?:

Liquid wood is made from leftover parts of trees that is unused in the paper making process, a side effect from the production of paper, the main compound is combined with natural resins, flax and fibres that can be injected from a liquid form into a mound that solidifies !

These do not contain any plastic at all - fabulous !