Savon de marseille vegetable oil slice large
savon de marseille olive oil slice tranche
Savon de marseille large vegetable oil slice

Savon De Marseille Large Slice Vegetable Oil 72% Soap on a Rope

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The historic and traditional Marseille “Grande” slice of soap on a rope 

This is without doubt the ultimate utility soap, A large slice of "old-fashioned" Marseille soap made with 72% olive oil and no palm oil. With a rope to hang the soap between 2 uses or for decoration. The olive oil used for its manufacture gives it this green color so special and characteristic.

Made in the traditional way, and hung up to cure after production, you will find these slices are always unique and slightly different in size due to their natural and authentic production.

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The traditional Savons de Marseille that we sell comes exclusively from one of the last old-fashioned Marseille soap factories, a member of the Savon de Marseille professionals union, the products are therefore labeled "Savon de Marseille"

This soap can also be used for a massive range of uses & washing your pots and pans because it contains no perfume and no pigments

  • Packaged with fully recyclable cardboard and paper materials
  • 100% Vegetable oils
  • Toxin and chemical free
  • Vegan Friendly 
  • Plant Based
  • Cruelty Free
  • SLS & Paraben Free
  • Average size 18 x 10 x 1 cm
  • Rope included which is prepared for use in water
  • Average weight 300g - weights do vary due to the nature of each cut
When used for washing up check out our dish / pan brushes that make the perfect pairing ! Plate Scrubber or the Pot Brush


Ingredients :

RSPO SUSTAINABLE sodium palmate, sodium palm kermelatte, aqua, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxyde