French Lavender Soap - Top 5 Uses !

French Lavender Soap - the essence of Provence and the South of France

We have made a short film for you to enjoy and imagine the amazing fragrance of Lavender soap in your home !

Lavender soap - hand made by artisans in Marseille has so many uses !


  • Handwashing - keeping hands free of Coronavirus and helping dry skin
  • Body washing & Exfoliating - choose a Lavender Exfoliator which is made of real Provence lavender plant material
  • Hang in your wardrobe - keep those moths away from precious clothes
  • Undies draw - keep those draws smelling of the lovely lavender scent
  • Bed - yes Lavender is famous for keeping in your bed by your feet inbetween the sheets to help reduce aching legs , also many people place it under a pillow to help provide the aroma of relaxation before sleep

Thats is our top 5 tips - do you have more ? please share them with us ! let us know how you use your Lavender bars

All our stock is held in the UK, we have taken care of the customs and import charges for you ! We only buy direct from the producers to ensure it is genuine and of best quality.


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