How to Guide - Use our Marseille Soap cube as a household Cleaner

A guide to make a household cleaner from our Marseille soap cubes, Most of these can be used for several months, in just a short time - a few minutes you can prepare detergents, degreasers, cleaners and swap 100% of industrial chemicals to natural products made mainly from Marseille soap cubes.           

To make your household cleaner from Marseille soap you will need : 

  1. 20g of "white" Marseille soap cubes or shavings 
  2. Juice from half a lemon
  3. Half Litre of water

Method :

Heat the water, but don't boil it, then take it off the heat and put to one side.

Mix the soap in until its completely dissolved, make sure the mixing is completed and there are no pieces of soap left in the mix ( best to grate the soap into small shavings first )

Add the lemon juice, make sure you don't let pulp or pips fall into your mix

If this mix becomes too thick you can add a little more water until its the consistency that you need.

Empty into a spray bottle that has been properly washed out and cleaned and is free of the previous contents, put a new label on the bottle so you know what's inside.

Stir / shake before each use and then spray directly onto the surface and wash off with clean water and a lint free cloth.



Look out for more "how to" guides on the many uses of Marseille soap cubes.

From these cubes you will be able to replace nearly all plastic bottle branded cleaning agents bought in high street stores, for the price of one cube, consider the cost savings you can make in your home....................


  • Hello – yes thats right you can grate these soaps to make all sorts of mixes – lots more to come !

  • Have some of you soap shavings that I have made up already but this sounds useful. Like the idea of the lemon. I have one of your large cubes so, if I read the above correctly, I can take shavings off that too?
    Looking forward to more “how to” guides!

    Su Greenacre

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