Important - French Soap & New UK Cosmetic Laws March 31st 2021

Following Brexit new laws have been introduced in the UK for all cosmetics sold by retailers like ourselves, we are very pleased to announce we now have all our products listed in the UK and compliant to the new laws.

Before December 31st 2020 we would have been classed as a distributor, now we are an importer, and this is important to understand the difference.

Previously all cosmetics sold in the UK had to be registered on the EU Portal for registration of all products - for product safety reasons, to ensure they are tested correctly and all the proper precautions are made.

As of March 31st 2021 everything changes, the law now states that any cosmetics sold in the UK must be listed under the UK's new SCPN portal, and that includes French Soap used for the body, hands and hair.

We want to re-assure all customers, that we are covered under these new regulations, and that we all products have what is called a "responsible person" in the UK.

The address of our RP for all French market soaps we sell (except for Savon Jura) in the UK is :

La Savonette Marseillaise Ltd, Flat 801, Lanyard Court, 24 Neille Cressall Way, Bow, London, E3 4RQ

For Savon Jura - the RP is ourselves.

We will update all our listings in due course.

Equally we need to alert you to ensure you always buy your French soaps and other cosmetics from retailers that have a UK "RP address" otherwise you could be buying fake goods and have no protection .

For Wholesale customers, you absolutely need to ensure your covered in this regard to be compliant with Trading Standards in the UK.

Thanks for taking the time to read this important piece of information.


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