Make your own Floor Cleaner with Savon de Marseille

The team have been busy again with a tutorial on how to make a very economical floor cleaner, you can use for floors, walls, tiles etc

Please check your own measurements as advised below when making your own mixes, remember you can always adjust to suit your own needs or swap out ingredients to alternatives you can source.


Continuing our series of all ideas that can help you create amazing cleaners for your home from our "white" Marseille Veg Oil cubes...............

There really is no need for industrial produced chemical mixes when you can make your own natural solutions......and your money will go so much further......

How to make a Floor Cleaner

A cleaner for floor and wall tiles and laminates, always test on an area first for any sensitivity....


  • 20g of grated Marseille Veg Oil soap cube
  • 50cl of Linseed Oil
  • 30 drops of tea tre
  • 50cl of water

Mix all of these ingredients together and then pour everything into a 2 litre container you can keep and close the lid on.

Use one cap full for 2 litres of water to clean and sanitise the floors and walls...




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