Loofah's and they grow on tree's ?

Loofahs ! 

I was inspired by a recent discussion thread on Facebook to write up this little piece as so many people had no idea about Loofahs !

Loofahs are popular show accessories that allow you to scrub your skin and exfoliate all the dead cells to rejuvenate and allow skincare products to have a much deeper impact.

These plants are grown in warm climates, often tropical, they hang down like cucumbers, very similar in appearance.

When the plant develops they get longer in length and develop the clever system inside of interwoven organic material inside.

After being cut they are left to dry for up to 6 months, once totally dried they are washed and peeled, seeds removed and can then be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes.


  • Exfoliating your body in the shower
  • Organic material for soap dishes
  • Can be made into a variety of brushes
  • For use to clean surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Can be used to even clean dishes, pots and pans etc


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