Our position on palm oil........

Palm Oil is a long debated subject, however many of our products do in fact contain palm oil.

So cards on the table - 100% of  it is sustainable when used, and sourced responsible with certification from RSPO.

This is a key difference to major brands who give palm a bad name, because it not sustainable and its not responsible.

However with us you know your in safe hands, we do not do anything, sell anything that we have not tested or used ourselves, and it has to be done right.

It must be sustainable, natural and plastic free.

Other brands use even mixed palm, but no, we have sustainable palm and that is 100%, not a perfect solution but we offer alternatives, and in any event it is important to know the source is sustainable .

It is a difficult subject, however some of the articles below which are impartial and not written by us explain the situation further, when do you ever hear beef production or soy beans as causes of deforestation and loss of natural habitat ? yet they are 2 huge issues, beef bigger than palm for example ....

Why is that so key ? well because only 20% of palm is from a sustainable source in recent years, and so the 80% that is not is the part we all need to be concerned about and that is where the questions need to be asked.

In a previous blog I highlighted an article by Lyndsey which I have added the link to below.....almost 12 months old now actually, however we really like this approach because the fact is if we all swapped to over vegetable based products then it takes up to 10 times the lands mass - and I am sure we can all work out thats not a good thing....

An excellent read - I don’t need to add too much to these recent articles .......

Link to RSPO site for further reading : 


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