Shipping and Postage to Europe

We post goods to all the countries in the European Union on a daily basis.

Easily purchased for yourself or sent as a gift .

Our current rates for European countries are subsidised to £10.99 for a 1.7kg package , this is per transaction, we do contribute to the postage, and unfortunately we cannot find a cheaper method.

The system will not let you order more than 1.7kg per transaction, we feel this is the fairest deal we can offer our customers

This does mean though that you can have up to 17 bars of soap per order !

Which is a lot of soap bars to keep you going ......

For example the luxury of Lait D’anesse beauty bars are 100g each, so you can have 17 x 100g per order , postage is then only €0.54 cents per bar on average.

Many thanks 




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