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Firstly, I hope you are all keeping well during this somewhat crazy time. I cannot believe just how quickly the lifestyles we almost took for granted have changed. Social distancing seemed difficult to get to grips with at first, but we seem to quickly be adapting, and hopefully we will soon get back to a semblance of normality, whatever that may be. 
Here at Chateau Du Savon, we are excited to announce that we have been mentioned in the latest edition of Vogue magazine, by Hayley Maitland, the Weekend and Planning Editor. She talks about our "pretty heavenly French soaps". You can read the full article at:
We are proud of the fact that we are helping do our bit to eliminate plastic, whilst at the same time providing high quality French soaps, solid shampoos and conditioners and even laundry and cleaning products. Having visited France on an annual basis for over 25 years, particularly the towns of Provence and Marseille, we fell in love with the soaps and shampoos.
We also loved the fact that they eliminated the use of plastic packaging, which is so important for our environment. On returning to the UK, we found it difficult to purchase French soaps and so Chateau Du Savon was born. We now offer over 100 products, and are adding to our collections regularly. It is our passion to help reduce our carbon footprint, and thus we post out our products in biodegradable packaging too. 
If you are following government guidelines regarding regular hand washing and are finding that your hands are dry and sore, make sure you have a look at our Savon De Marseille Lait (milk) Soap bar - this is perfect for sensitive and allergy prone skin, we also have many skin selection packs to choose from .
We are currently offering free Royal Mail postage on all spends above £14, so please do check out our online market place.
In the meantime, stay safe everyone. 

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