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Fer a Cheval

Fer a Cheval Laundry Soap Flakes Vegetable Oil


Fer a Cheval

Fer a Cheval Laundry Soap Flakes Vegetable Oil

Eco friendly laundry washing detergent with our soap flakes, ideal clothes cleaning

Here at Chateau Du Savon we are always looking for ways to help our customers on their plastic free and zero waste journeys, now available in multiple sizes for extra discount !


An ideal product for our subscription service where you can save a guaranteed 15% on all future orders .

The famous Fer a Cheval Savon de Marseille soap flakes made by one of the most long standing producers in Marseille, you can now experience what has been used to wash clothes in Marseille for hundreds of years.


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Key Features

To learn more about the history of Fer à Cheval read our blog

Key benefits:

  • Very economical - 20g makes 7-10 washes - approx 3p per wash
  • Natural product
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Vegan and vegetarian friendly, plant based natural ingredients
  • Sustainable Ingredients
  • Not tested on animals
  • No colourings
  • No fragrances
  • No Parabens
  • No phosphates
  • No sulphates
  • Packaging arrives with us in large paper sacks, we filter into small paper bags, so no plastic is involved in the supply chain.

Ideal for

  • Laundry washing: both hand washing and machine washing
  • Sensitive skin
  • Where there are septic/waste management tanks
  • Washing specialist sports performance and waterproofed kit
  • Delicate washing
  • Cleaning leather upholstery and other leather goods
  • General all purpose laundry products

We include a washing guide with every order !

Savon de Marseille Soap Flakes guide

How To Use

It is so easy ! - just watch our video below to show you how in easy steps....

How to make the liquid mix

First you’re going to make to make a laundry liquid – it’s super easy - the most common combination is to Mix 20g flakes with 0.5 litre of hot water, stir to dissolve ( we pour in 100ml of water and mix, then add the remainder) ………….Allow to cool and decant into an airtight container of your choice. 

You can use this this mix straight away, Please note the liquid will set to a jelly like consistency during the next 12-24 hours. This mix gives you: 10 hand washes or 7- 10 machine washes.

A 450g bag of Marseille Soap Flakes gives you approximately 225 washes in total, you may find you need to use less !

For machine washing

Use 3 - 5 tbs (depending on amount of laundry) of ready made mix into the drawer dispenser or washing ball.

Every now and then run your washing machine on an empty hot wash cycle with a dose of white vinegar.  

For Handwashing

Dilute your ready made liquid mix in a bowl of warm water. Use 3 tablespoons to 5 litres of warm water.


Over time ( like many soaps of a natural kind) and as a result of exposure to light and humidity, the soap flakes may be subject to variations in colour and lose volume, Nevertheless, it keeps its effectiveness. 

We suggest you keep the flakes dry in an airtight container.



RSPO sustainable sodium palmate, Aqua, sustainable sodium palm kernalate, sodium chloride (salt) sodium hydroxide ( lye)

*made by the famous Fer a Cheval Savonnerie


We take a great deal of love and care in packing all your orders, We use packaging that is only biodegradable / recycled card / paper based and paper tape ( that can all go in your kerbside recycling box ), we avoid the use of plastic at every opportunity.

Gift Sets are packaged in their own boxes, so for example if you order multiple sets they will have their own box and then placed in one big box.

Natural soap products we sell are without packaging and by their nature very soft, and we try and protect each one as much as possible using paper and cardboard wrapping materials that can all be recycled, you may find some slight marks through travel which does not effect the use of the soap, its just part of their rustic charm !

We also avoid as far as possible to avoid "high gloss" packaging, that we know cannot actually be recycled widely.

Various Gift box packaging is available as an option.

Thank you for your interest in our company, we hope you are assured of our very best attention, your custom is most appreciated - every purchase allows us to spread the word of our plastic free philosophy and zero waste initiatives.

Shipping & Returns

Your orders are prepared by us in Somerset, UK ( all stock is based with us and not drop shipped from other locations ).

We send all orders via Royal Mail 2nd class post as standard, however you can choose to opt for various UPS Tracked services which is very fast, they will keep you notified every step of the way if you provide phone and email details.

Business days are Monday to Friday ( except Bank Holidays ), we post every day and often at weekends , if we are away we will post a banner on the website.

UK & USA Shipping is FREE When on promotion - so look out for these options ( Free shipping is selectable at checkout once over the minimum value ).

Any taxes or customs payments due in the country of origin is the responsibility of the customer ( Its not our fault ! sorry )

Fer à Cheval

Producers of traditional Marseille soap since 1895, passing down the traditional soap making skills through the ages, the produces of the iconic cube hunks of soap for a myriad of purposes around the home.