Marseille French Soap, hand washing and the Coronavirus

There has been a big resurgence in the soap makers of Marseille as the people of France rediscover the benefits of solid bar soap products to keep clean, washing your hands has never been such a joy.

With the terrible Coronavirus we are all battling, the one thing we can do is keep washing our hands, at least every 2 or 3 hours.

Every time you wash your hands you “break the chain” and that means you kill the virus and stop the chance of it spreading, so please wash your hands as often as you can, especially after you go out or come home, every chance you get

You can enjoy the wonders of soap for hand and body washing from our Somerset based business in the UK, huge range is always kept in stock and we dispatch fast, no need to wait long for your deliveries.


LINK Please click here for a recent article from the Guardian paper to show how French soaps are made all by hands

We have amazing fabulous soaps for every type of skin and solutions for every scenario, but no matter where you buy your soap from, just please do keep washing those hands and ensure that you keep “breaking the chain”


Stay healthy ! 



Your French Soap guy

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  • Received my first delivery of your soaps the other day. Very impressed with how quickly I received them, especially as it was Easter weekend. They smell absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to use them all and order some more.

    Louise Murphy

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